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Unlocking the power of LinkedIn!

At CodeXtensions, we bridge the gap between agencies and your ambitions. Our expertise lies in crafting bespoke LinkedIn outreach campaigns designed to identify the perfect agency partner for your specific needs and right for your technology.

Our search can be based on the profile of the agency and the services it provides and the individuals within the agency and their job roles.

Once we have identified our target audience, our team spearheads personalised outreach on LinkedIn to open up the dialogue with them. We’ll craft messages and send them on your behalf as it was you who is sending them.  Messages will be sent on a daily basis and we will monitor the replies and respond to them on your behalf too.


Building Your Network & New Connections

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Driving new opportunities your way!

Our team will target and engage with agencies and individuals suitable for your technology. We’ll engage with them and make contact with them directly on your behalf.

We will like your targets posts on LinkedIn, follow them, send them an invitation to connect and then message them on your behalf. 

It’s then our job is to manage these campaigns on your behalf, follow up on any replies and respond to them accordingly. Our aim is for you to start meaningful conversations and develop partnerships with your new connections.

CodeXtensions will continuously monitor campaign performance and will optimise every touchpoint to maximise your return on investment. We will also look to continiously grow your network.

you've grown your network, now what?

Amplify Your Brand

Once we’ve started to grow your network of new connections, now we’ll look to increase your brand expoure on LinkedIn with a strategic content calendar.

We’ll work closely with you to understand your brand identity and target audience, then curate a captivating mix of posts that drive consistent brand awareness.

Compelling Text Posts: Share insightful industry updates, thought leadership pieces, and engaging questions to spark conversation.

Interactive Graphics: Capture attention with eye-catching infographics, data visualisations, and polls that encourage audience participation.

Dynamic Video Content: Showcase your brand story, client testimonials, and service demonstrations through video productions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, we don't need your login details. When we set the campaign you will need to give us an authorisation code so we can integrate with your LinkedIn profile.

No, don't worry. We will only be able to see messages that are sent and replies received from the outreach campaigns we work on. 

We won't have any other access to your LinkedIn profile either.

As many as you want but please be aware that there will daily limits in place.

The daily limits in place restrict the number of connection requests being sent, messages sent to new connections. Other restrictions are also in place on the number of posts liked. Please contact us

Any, when we start the campaign we'll work with you to create a bespoke campaign so you target the right agency profile.

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If you are a brand, agency or tech vendor it would be great to hear from you! 

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