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LinkedIn Live Sessions

helping you to engage with new partners

Raise brand awareness through LinkedIn Live sessions

Let’s start spreading the word by running a series of LinkedIn Live sessions together with new and existing agency partners. This is very powerful way to promote your business, share success stories and more.

We’ll invite agency partners to become speakers and to talk about certain subjects relating to your technology.

helping you to raise brand awareness

Reach New Audiences & Networks

engage with agency partners

Helping you to build authority and trust

Raise Brand Awareness: Live sessions will put your brand in front of a targeted audience – your partners’ networks and connections. LinkedIn’s algorithm also favors live content, potentially reaching an even wider audience.

Showcase Expertise: By co-hosting with partners, you can create informative sessions focused on industry trends, success stories featuring your collaboration, or even joint thought leadership discussions. This establishes you as a thought leader and builds trust with potential clients.

Deepen Agency Relationships: Working together on these sessions fosters stronger connections with your partners. You’ll gain valuable insights into their audience needs and they’ll get a chance to see your expertise firsthand.

this is an exciting time!

Taking Strides Forward

Targeted Topics: Choose themes relevant to your target audience and that highlight your agency partners’ strengths.

Interactive Format: Encourage audience participation through polls, Q&A sessions, or live chats. This keeps viewers engaged and provides valuable feedback.

Cross-Promotion: Promote the event series on your and your partners’ LinkedIn pages, and through email marketing to your networks.

Post-Event Repurposing: Repurpose the recorded sessions into shorter, shareable clips for social media or blog posts. This extends the reach of your content and provides valuable insights on demand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once the topic and the agenda has been set we'll reach out to some agency partners who we think might be a good fit and ask them to join us.

We will help you come up with some ideas for these sessions.


These sessions are to discuss various topics, asking questions and feedback. They also help educate agencies so you can build trust and authority with him.


They are a platform for you to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise.

A maximum of four per session.

The sessions will be submitted live to LinkedIn and will be post to the platform for future reference.

Typically, 30 to 45 minutes.

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