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Delivering engaging email marketing campaigns

We understand the dynamic world of eCommerce and the importance of keeping agency partners updated with the latest news, trends and best practices. 

That’s why we offer a ‘Fortnightly Email Series’ which is a dedicated resource designed to engage with agency partners from across the globe. 

Emails will be sent every two weeks to agency partners, and potentially new partners for you to start working with.

Streamline Partnership Management

Helping you to deliver your messages new audiences


Start engaging with them & building trust, using email

Our email series is tailored for tech partners that are looking to reach new agency partners from across the globe. Start building trust and authority by sending them informative emails. 

We’ll set-up, construct and manage an email-marketing campaign that delivers results meaning that you will soon be enjoying working with new agency partners. 

We’ll target agencies that are suitable for your technology and will start delivering a series of emails to them, informing them of your services, how you help brands, useful resouces and industry updates.

this is an exciting time!

creating informative email marketing campaigns!

Actionable Insights: Send practical tips and strategies as part of your email marketing campaign. Send agency partners details about the latest trends in eCommerce.

Industry News & Updates: Keeping agency partners informed about the ever-evolving eCommerce landscape by sending them update on industry news, platform updates, and best practices to give them a competitive edge.

Success Stories & Case Studies: Let agencies know about the results you’ve  achieved. Give them inspiration by posting success stories showcasing recent testimonials and case studies.

Exclusive Resources: Send agency partners valuable resources like white papers, webinars, and events they should attend. Just make sure that you’re there! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

There will be a maximum of 5000 emails sent per month to a maximum of 2500 contacts.

Before we start your email marketing campaign we'll discuss your suitable audience and the kind of agency and user you would like to reach.


The emails will be sent directly to user.

We will use a dedicated email address to send the emails. 


We recommend that you purchase an additional domain name so we can send emails. 

Yes, we can. We will set things up to distribute emails from multiple email addresses. However, the amount of emails being sent will still be the same.

Yes, we can. We will set things up to distribute emails from multiple email addresses.

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