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How to Develop Agency Partnerships

ATTENTION tech vendors

Remember it's a Partnership?

Let’s talk partnerships, not one-sided flings! A real partnership is all about working together with an agency, not just getting them to hand you leads.

Focus on Mutual Benefits:

Think win-win! What can you bring to the table that benefits their agency and their clients? Why should they be excited to partner with you? Answer these questions before reaching out, it’ll make a world of difference.

Downplay Affiliate Programs:

Forget the tired affiliate program spiel. Most agencies have seen it all. Focus on offering something more valuable, like co-marketing activities, event sponsorships, or even connecting them with some of your existing clients. That’s how you build a real partnership!

Tips on Agency Partnerships

Feeling like a lone wolf in the tech world?

Building agency partnerships can be a game changer and elevate your success, but let’s be real, it takes work and hard work too!

This guide is packed with ideas to help you jumpstart powerful partnerships, even if you’re short on patience (we all are sometimes!).

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attention tech vendors

Start Co-Marketing Activities

Specific Suggestions:

Co-marketing activities:

Brainstorm some cool co-marketing campaigns you can do together!

Event sponsorship: Interested in sponsoring one of their events? This is a great way to get your name out there and build relationships.

Client connection: Maybe you have a client who’d be a perfect fit for their agency? A warm introduction goes a long way!

"Highly recommended"

CodeXtensions came along at just the right time for us as we were looking to expand into the UK market through agencies, and they are the perfect fit! Right from the start, we've felt like they one of us within our company, and they always go above and beyond as if Shoppy were their own. They are proactive and always have ideas ready to be implemented, would recomend!

Laura Magistrali, Head of Sales & Marketing


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