Vendor Interviews

Vendor Interviews

Meet vendors and find out about their solutions.

Introducing Nyla

We are delighted to introduce you to Michael Bower, who is the Founder of Nyla, and Nick Anastasiades, who is Chief Growth Officer.

Introducing BeProfit

We interview Justin Jacks, an Account Executive, from BeProfit. Find out more about BeProfit and the merchants they support

Introducing Endear

In this video, we interview Madeleine Anderson, the Agency Partnership Manager, from Endear. Find out more about Endear.

Introducing Chargeflow

In this Q&A session we introduce you to Chris Reilly from Chargeflow. Chris is Head of Sales within the business

Introducing Shoppy The Mobile App Builder

Meet Laura Magistrali from Shoppy. Laura, who is Head of Sales and Marketing at Shoppy