Convert shoppers using insta-rewards for engaging with your content: Quiz, Surveys, Polls & Stories

Alia is the easiest way to engage and convert new visitors with interactive content about your brand, mission, products, and more. Add simple quizzes, surveys, and ‘about us’ stories on a sitewide chatbox or from a button on any product page. As visitors complete different stories, they claim incremental rewards and get subscribed to your email and SMS lists. Easily customize Alia to match your brand, target new visitors, and offer them promos and rewards for learning your story. Start today!

  • Educate visitors about your store, brand, and more with simple, engaging stories
  • Setup stories as a simple quiz, survey, game, or even a visual brand lesson!
  • Convert visitors faster by offering promos and rewards for completing stories
  • Grow your customer list by collecting user emails, phone numbers and preferences
  • Customize Alia to target new visitors, create loyalty, and grow sales revenue


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Q How long does it take to install?

Install takes less than 10 minutes. Our CEO will personally onboard every client from CodeXtensions.

Q Who does it work for?

Any type of branded Shopify store (i.e., non-dropshippers). We work with brands in wide ranging industries and AOV's as low as $10 and as high as $2,000.

Q What type of support is there?

VIP, white-glove support through live chat and email.

Q What are the benefits of Alia?

(1) Increased conversions and sales: Alia boosts store-wide conversion on average +20% within one month of installing. (2) Email and phone collection: Alia allows for emails and phone numbers to be collected by users at the end before redeeming their reward (3) Gather zero-party data: Ask insightful survey questions through Alia to collect unique zero-party data points that is automatically segmented in Klaviyo (4) Improving branding and customer experience: Alia is an engaging fun experience that allows you to get shoppers to see your brands "aha" moment faster than ever

Q Any notable brands you work with?

Firebelly Tea, co-founded by Harley Finkelstein, President of Shopify, and David Segal, founder of DAVIDsTEA.

Q What platforms do you work with and integrations?

Alia is only for Shopify stores and is publicly listed on the Shopify App Store. We integrate with Klaviyo for your email and SMS marketing.

Q What is the benefit compared to other reward or conversion tools?

Alia will first and foremost increase your conversions more than any comparable tool, while also having the added benefit of all the other areas discussed above (personal data collection, zero-party data points, and brand engagement).

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