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We understand you’ve invested time, money and expertise into creating your technology. But reaching the right audience can be a challenge, that’s where we come in. 

By partnering with us, you gain access to our network of eCommerce agencies which we’ve built trust with over time. These agencies already have a strong track record and work with successful brands.

We can introduce your technology to them, fostering a collaborative environment where they can explore its potential and benefits for existing projecrts.

helping BRANDS & agencies discover exciting new tech

Forming partnerships takes time, so utilise our existing network


We will help to promote and market your technology to brands and agencies in our network


Helping you to raise awareness to an exciting new network and audience, raising awareness


Helping to generate new sales opportunities so you enjoy business growth and on-going success


Creating simple but effective marketing campaigns

Let’s create a simple but effective marketing campaign together that helps you reach your targeted audience.

From displaying promotional material on websites belonging to eCommerce experts, reviews from brands and agencies, to creating LinkedIn Live sessions and webinars, our marketing ideas are setup to help technology partners achieve their goals.

Wherever you are in your journey, we can help you. If you are just starting out or if you have strong partnerships in place, we cqn help you.

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building partnerships that thrive

Fueling Growth for Ecomm Tech Innovators:

We develop your brand and introduce you to leading agencies and brands, driving sales and engagement. We do this by offering a range of marketing services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For more information on the services we offer please head over to the dedicated page on partnership services. If you have any questions, please get in touch

Agencies that have expertise with eCommerce and have a passion for helping their clients develop as a brand.

These agencies have expertise with Shopify, BigCommerce, Adobe and WooCommerce.

We work with agencies mainly in the UK and US.

No, you will get to meet brands and offer them advice over webinars. These sessions are not designed as 'sales pitches' but an opportunity to help and advise brands on taking the right steps.

This depends on the type of solution you provide, the type of brands you are looking to reach and the budget you have available.

Let's book a call so we can discuss your goals and objectives, your journey so far and to see if we can help you.

Connect with Forward-Thinking Brands & Agencies

Forge Lasting Connections: Partner with Brands & Agencies Through Our Network

Apps & technology to enhance your eCommerce stores

Access to Brands

Working with us and our network you will give you access to many brands that you can potentially speak with. Our webinar sessions provide the perfect platform to let brands know about your technology

Ready-made Agency Network

We have spent time and effort building up our network of trusted agency partners. When you work with us we can introduce you to some of them and create ma

"Highly recommended"

CodeXtensions came along at just the right time for us as we were looking to expand into the UK market through agencies, and they are the perfect fit! Right from the start, we've felt like they one of us within our company, and they always go above and beyond as if Shoppy were their own. They are proactive and always have ideas ready to be implemented, would recomend!

Laura Magistrali, Head of Sales & Marketing


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