Meet Laura Magistrali from Shoppy. Laura, who is Head of Sales and Marketing, will provide a quick overview of how Shoppy works and will run the benefits of using a mobile app to help reach consumers.


In this video, we introduce you to Shoppy, a mobile app that requires no coding experience. Laura will also highlight the customisable features of Shoppy and how easy it is to set up and configure. Watch this video to learn more about how Shoppy can help merchants reach their customers more effectively through technologies.


More About Shoppy

Setting up Shoppy is fast and does not require any coding knowledge. Thanks to the Shopify-style builder, configuration is straightforward. Even users with very limited technical ability have the capability of setting things up. When users purchase Shoppy they will get an app available on Android and iOS in 5 to 10 days. They even offer an extensive trial period for users looking to explore the options of having a mobile app.

Shoppy offers 15+ integrations that allows you to improve your users’ mobile experience, track the customer journey and optimize your omnichannel strategy.

If the integration you are looking for is not available, we are ready to add it to our development roadmap.

Send a sequence of push

Flow Notification works for you, keeping your audience engaged and informed automatically. This feature enables you to set up a sequence of automated push notifications, effortlessly reaching your end-users as long as conditions are met.

Become a Shoppy Partner

Shoppy has some wonderful partner opportunities available, where they share 10% of revenue for the life of an installation. This means you will earn 10% commission from each client you refer to Shoppy.

How to Contact Laura

If you have any questions regarding Shoppy or its partner program please contact Laura at Shoppy, she can be contacted by email or LinkedIn.