We are delighted to introduce you to Michael Bower, who is the Founder of Nyla, and Nick Anastasiades, who is Chief Growth Officer. In this video session you’ll get to see Nyla and some of its capabilties during a short demonstration from Nick. We’ll ask them some questions around implementation and onboarding, agency partnerships and support.


Nyla provides an exciting platform for agencies that build stores and design themes using Shopify. It’s a front-end platform that sits on top of Shopify, so it’s technically a headless platform. Installing and setting up Nyla is straightforward, it’s just like installing any other Shopify theme.

The reason why many agencies are switching over to Nyla is because of the results it brings, which Nick explains in the video.

During the video session Nick demonstrates some of the benefits that using Nyla can bring an agency and their merchant. He also talks about how the onboarding process works, what is involved with a partnership with an agency and what happens should an agency or a merchant require help and support when they are live.

They also provide a free sandbox environment for any agency wanting to try and test Nyla, this is something they encourage any agency to do before trying Nyla.

Nyla also provides a very generous revenue share scheme for agencies that adopt Nyla and will share 20% with their agency partners. For more information please contact Nick or Michael. Their contact details can be found below.

Video Introduction


The Benefits of Nyla

How to Contact Nyla

If you’re interested in working with Nyla or learning more, you can reach out to Nick via email or LinkedIn. His email is nick@nyla.app. You can also contact Michael, michael@nyla.app.

We will be running more video sessions with Nyla, check out their events section on the website for more details.