In this Q&A session we introduce you to Chris Reilly from Chargeflow. Chris is Head of Sales at the company and he’ll explain more about Chargeflow and how the company helps nearly 5000 merchants worldwide.


Chargeflow is the world’s first automated chargeback management solution specifically designed for eCommerce merchants. By utilising Big Data and deep integration with your business, they can produce the most comprehensive chargeback evidence in the world, custom-tailored to your store, and send it on your behalf.


More About Chargeflow

Chargeflow combines years of experience handling thousands of Chargebacks and Disputes, to perfect the dispute cycle and deploy it at scale. They have developed Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms with huge data sets to create the world’s-first science-based Chargeback Response Template.

They went on to say that they achieve the highest win rate in the industry, surpassing every other chargeback management service, and especially non-experienced in-house teams that responds to disputes.

Contact Chargeflow

If you are a merchant and have experienced disputes in the past, please get in touch with Chris. He can be contacted on LinkedIn or by email,