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Nimstrata & 36 Agency Help Lozuri Increase Revenue & Conversions


Nimstrata & 36 Agency help Lozuri raise conversions & revenue using Google AI

Problems: With 400,000 SKUs their existing search tool was not delivering. It was also providing ‘OK’ results, meaning the brand was potentially losing sales.

Solution: Search Page App Block, delivering relevant search results with dynamic faceting and filterin. Collection Page App Block, delivering a tailored category browsing experience for users who primarily use site navigation to find items. Customized App Blocks, The Nimstrata team customized CSS styles to match LOZURI’s luxury branding and ensure an accurate A/B test against Boost AI..

Results: Increased conversion rate by 37.81% and revenue per visitor by 39.96%.


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Impressive results are undeniable, but without context, their impact is diminished. The client, LOZURI, embarked on a bold initiative to see if Google’s search algorithms could surpass their existing product discovery solution, Boost AI Search & Discovery. Determined to achieve ambitious goals, we partnered with LOZURI, Nimstrata, and Intelligems to execute a groundbreaking CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) campaign.

This article delves into the script – a detailed account of how we collaborated with these esteemed partners to implement a game-changing CRO initiative.

LOZURI sought to elevate their product search and discovery, seeking Google Retail API’s potential. But implementing Vertex AI on Shopify solo can be a hurdle. Here’s where things get interesting.

They craved a solution to improve product search and discovery, eyeing Google’s Retail API. However, tackling Vertex AI on Shopify independently can be tricky. But fear not, there’s a way.

Nimstrata built an app to make implementation seamless, and LOZURI was the first enterprise customer to use the solution. As a launch partner of Nimstrata’s Search & Discovery Shopify app, we collaborated with them to define the most important features and capabilities of an end-to-end solution that places Google-powered search and recommendations on Shopify stores.

The Goals

Assess the potential revenue and conversion uplift offered by Nimstrata’s Search & Discovery Shopify app compared to Boost AI. Evaluate the effectiveness of Google Cloud’s Vertex AI Search for Retail algorithms on LOZURI’s luxury goods catalog. We were able to harness the Intelligems Shopify app to answer the following questions: Does replacing search results and collection pages with Google-powered merchandising increase conversions and/or revenue? Do different Vertex AI Recommendations models perform better than others? Can Intelligems provide confidence and statistical significance of the results?

The Results

Through comprehensive testing facilitated by Intelligems, we were able to confirm that using Google Cloud’s Vertex AI Search for retail on their website was much better than their current solution: Following a 50,000+ visitor A/B test over two weeks with a 97.5% confidence level, the test showed that Google Cloud’s Vertex AI Search for retail solution increased conversion rate by 37.81% and revenue per visitor by 39.96%.

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