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Dr. Squatch is an all-natural men’s personal care product brand committed to redefining how men perceive and engage in personal care. In the vast world of personal care, traditional mass-market brands have prioritized production speed and cost over the quality and authenticity of ingredients. Generations of men have been using products laden with harsh ingredients, chemical irritants, and artificial fragrances.

To stand against all this, Jack Haldrup started crafting natural soap in his garage, driven by a passion for natural products and a belief in their benefits. It wasn’t just soap; it was a statement against the mainstream personal care industry that had for years neglected the genuine needs of men.

Dr. Squatch’s mission has always been clear: to redefine men’s grooming by ensuring quality, authenticity, and a touch of nature in every product. And while its journey has been filled with remarkable achievements, it hasn’t been without challenges. But, fueled by a mission to change the game, Dr. Squatch continues to push forward, changing perceptions and habits, one soap bar at a time.

The Challenge

Embarking on the journey to redefine men’s care was no small feat, as it came with many challenges that demanded innovative solutions.

1) Maintaining and increasing conversion rates. Post iOS 14 and in a post-COVID world, Dr. Squatch sought to maintain its conversion rates, ensuring a robust return on ad spend.


2) Communicating the brand’s proposition. One of the most pronounced challenges was effectively communicating Dr. Squatch’s unique value proposition. While product images and descriptions played a part, they were often insufficient in conveying the benefits of the products. Additionally, there was a pressing need to educate potential customers about the importance of natural, chemical-free personal care products.

3) Limited customizations by other apps. Dr. Squatch was initially using Wistia as a video platfrom for some background videos but Wistia lacked any eCommerce integrations, videos didn’t look great on mobile, there was no way to tag shoppable products and there were no commerce-centric analytics.

The Solution

Dr. Squatch tested multiple video platforms such as Wistia, Vimeo, Firework or Tolstoy but among all of these Videowise emerged as a clear winner in every category.

1) Video UGC. Dr. Squatch used their TikTok and Instagram UGC to educate customers about the importance of natural, chemical-free products. By conveying this information in an engaging video format, they were able to increase time spent on site, thus shopper better understood Dr. Squatch’s product value proposition.

2) Shoppable videos. Dr. Squatch turned all their video content on their site shoppable, tagging multiple products or bundles in the videos and thus generated added revenue from shoppers that ended up purchasing directly while watching videos.

3) Unlimited versatility & customizations. With Videowise, Dr. Squatch discovered the ultimate ally for anything video and completely sunsetted their Wistia account. Videowise offered an unprecedented level of customization and versatility, crucial to crafting compelling and engaging content.

The Results

From views to value, Dr. Squatch’s on-site UGC videos influenced shoppers to convert at a impressive 9.9% average conversion rate, totalling in 13,500 orders, worth over $750k.

During some of their most successful product campaigns, the conversion rate of shoppers that watched video on site spiked as high as 26% conversion rate.

Since November 2022, Dr. Squatch has had over 250k videos watched on their site, each visitor spending an average of 1 minute and 40 seconds watching short-form videos. This collectively led to an added time on-site of over 5.8k hours.

Fantastic product! We reviewed 5-6 different video platforms, and Videowise is the best by far! Very impressed by their team, UX principles, performance, ease of use in the platform, how many edge cases / use cases they have thought through, vision, and pace of engineering.

Initial test results have boosted our RPS by nearly 3.2%. Excited to continue to grow with Videowise.

Stephen Pinto, Head of Growth


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